Our traditional mirrors are anything but dull. Rather, these mirrors are timeless classics in traditional mirror sizes and shapes. Whether you're searching for rectangular mirrors, square mirrors or full-length mirrors made of high quality materials like wood or metal, we have it all. Our selection even includes unique Classy Mirror frames, which are the best way to jazz up any drab wall. Hang the Alexander Greek Mirror with Grecian-inspired silver frame, or add elegance to the dining room with a traditional vintage decorative mirror. If you have a fireplace, the Boston Trader Mirror fits nicely above the mantle because of its boxy and rustic frame. Give yourself a full-length view with an Atria Mirror;, a Lavonne Cherry Finish Mirror; or a stately Rolland Bronze Mirror with an appealing leaf finish. All of our traditional mirrors are made by skilled craftsmen, combining new technology with timeless technique. We take pride in bringing you the very best in mirrors, so please, view our collection below to find the perfect piece for your home.

Traditional Mirrors

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Cadence Mirror 48"x 60"x 2" - Classy Mirrors
Cadence Mirror 48"x 60"x 2"

Antique Mirrors

$ 718.46
Edwin Antique Gold Mirror - Classy Mirrors
Edwin Antique Gold Mirror

Antique Mirrors

$ 160.00
Andretta Baroque Silver Mirror - Classy Mirrors
Andretta Baroque Silver Mirror

Silver Mirrors

$ 223.01
Evelina Silver Leaves Mirror 25"x35"x1" - Classy Mirrors
Evelina Silver Leaves Mirror 25"x35"x1"

Decorative Mirrors

$ 169.80
Walton Hall White Mirror 22"x36"x2" - Classy Mirrors
Walton Hall White Mirror

Silver Mirrors

$ 347.71
Dorgali Mirror - Classy Mirrors
Dorgali Mirror

Wall Mirrors

$ 453.22
Beaded Silver Vanity Mirror - Classy Mirrors
Beaded Silver Vanity Mirror

Bathroom Mirrors

$ 217.95
Sold Out
Andrews Mirror  20"x32"x2" - Classy Mirrors
Andrews Mirror 20"x32"x2"

Antique Mirrors

$ 212.00
Rutherford Small Ornate Mirror 23"x33" - Classy Mirrors
Rutherford Small Ornate Mirror 23"x33"

Antique Mirrors

$ 268.00
Rosalia Mirror 31"x51"x1" - Classy Mirrors
Rosalia Mirror

Ornate Mirrors

$ 584.00