The Silver Mirrors at Classy Mirrors are not always silver, because some of them are actually gold, crème, tan or even copper coated mirrors. We understand the need for different colors in your living room, to accent and add a splash of color. Color can make all the difference as an accent for a room- it will make things “pop” and catch an onlooker’s eye. Antique enthusiasts love our 17th Century Silver Mirror, with spellbinding details and amazing craftsmanship that will have you staring in the mirror all day. Some of the other mirrors in silver include the quintessential European Silver Mirror; Arcola full-length mirror; Fineman heavy mirror; or the Harlequin small or large mirrors; perfect for a bedroom or bath. Dixon, Aosta, and Avion Square Mirrors blend grace with simplicity. Dress up a dull wall with the dramatic mirror Hiassen, which shares a name with bestselling author Carl Hiassen. Add a taste of the Wild West with the Lido Round Mirror; or the glitz of the city with the 26” x 46” Louisville Mirror. You will love the silver mirror collection just as much as the gold, black or multicolored combinations – with tastes and styles to suit your décor and more.

Silver Mirrors

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Aaleah Burnished Silver Mirror

Large Mirrors and Leaner Mirrors

$ 591.80