Because we have so many ornate mirrors, Classy Mirrors has designated a whole section of mirrors just for those embellishments. Perfect for sunrooms, bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms or anywhere you need extra design; an ornate mirror provides just the added touch of elegance. Many of our gorgeous ornate mirrors are replicas of old-time mirrors, like the Quebec Antique Mirror; Upham; or majestic San Francisco Mirror that looks just like antiques even though they’re new. In Greek mythology, Medusa herself would love the Melores Mirror with its distracting beauty. If you need a large mirror to go over your dresser, you may want get the Bellaire mirror as a perfect complement to a vanity. Hang the Lisa Arch Mirror or 18th Century Mirror over your fireplace for a dramatic mantelpiece effect. Ornate Mirrors have added details such as scrollwork, antiquing and superior craftsmanship to become a family heirloom.

Ornate Mirrors

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Ainsworth Arched Mirror 30" x 47" - Classy Mirrors
Ainsworth Arched Mirror 30" x 47"

Arch Mirrors

From $ 299.90
Altria Mirror 18"x56"x1" - Classy Mirrors
Altria Mirror 18"x56"x1"

Antique Mirrors

From $ 199.90
Alvita Metal Mirror 29"x48"x2" - Classy Mirrors
Alvita Metal Mirror 29"x48"x2"

Metal Mirrors

$ 463.95
Andretta Silver Mirror 19"x29"x1" - Classy Mirrors
Andretta Silver Mirror 19"x29"x1"

Silver Mirrors

$ 195.80
Antique Bronze Mirror 54"x86" - Classy Mirrors
Antique Bronze Mirror 54"x86"

Antique Mirrors

$ 921.00
Antique Silver Mirror 57"x89" - Classy Mirrors
Antique Silver Mirror 57"x89"

Large Mirrors and Leaner Mirrors

$ 1,417.00
Arklow Ornate Decorative Mirror 47"x91"x2" - Classy Mirrors
Arklow Ornate Decorative Mirror 47"x91"x2"

Antique Mirrors

$ 1,179.95
Armidale Gold Arch Mirror 28"x47"x2" - Classy Mirrors
Armidale Gold Arch Mirror 28"x47"x2"

Antique Mirrors

$ 457.95
Avarresa Arched Mirror 30"x60"x1" - Classy Mirrors
Avarresa Arched Mirror 30"x60"x1"

Antique Mirrors

$ 588.00