If you have large walls and are looking for a way to spice up them up, a classy large mirror is just the magic touch. Our large and leaner mirrors give your wall a bigger look, with elongated mirrors or extra spacious mirrors fitting the wall just right. Looking for a leaner mirror?  The hospitality industry – like hotels, fitness facilities, and restaurants love our large and leaner mirror collection to dress up a boring lobby or locker room. Wherever you choose to hang your leaner and large mirror, it will bring personality to a room. Order your large or decorative mirror online today

Large & Leaner Mirrors

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Tudor Silver Floor Mirror 38"x87"x3.5" - Classy Mirrors
Tudor Silver Floor Mirror

Large Mirrors and Leaner Mirrors

$ 920.00
Emperor Oversized Champagne Mirror - Classy Mirrors
Emperor Oversized Champagne Mirror

Large Mirrors and Leaner Mirrors

$ 1,734.00
Lorelei Mirror - Classy Mirrors
Lorelei Mirror

Antique Mirrors

$ 1,426.00
Bergman Large Silver Round Mirror - Classy Mirrors
Bergman Large Silver Round Mirror

Round Mirrors

$ 843.00
Sold Out
Arcola Silver Mirror - Classy Mirrors
Arcola Silver Mirror

Silver Mirrors

$ 461.22
Yukon Champagne Silver Mirror 54"x1" - Classy Mirrors
Yukon Champagne Silver Mirror

Round Mirrors

$ 832.00