Since the dawn of time, gold has been a highly desired metal. This precious metal will always be sought-after in mirror design. More gold mirrors are sold than any other mirror, and it’s easy to see why. A glimmering gold mirror adds a taste of luxury to any room and goes with most any wallpaper or texture. Picture the aged gold mirror with a light crackled finish and bevelled edge, or the Cabot Antique Gold Bathroom Mirror that resembles a masterful picture frame. We have many full-length, round or arched mirrors in gold; with styles from the simple to the Victorian mirror with ornate details. Esara Gold Mirror provides an eye-catching leafy finish. Find a contemporary mirror like Galen Gold with its vibrant yellowish tone. Interior designers love the Diana Mirror for its unique aged black finish with gold and ivory undertones. The name speaks for itself with our Majestic Mirror, but you’ll just have to browse our great collection of over 100 large mirrors large mirrors in gold theme. Gold is our top seller, indeed and you’ll swear you hit a mirror goldmine with luxurious mirrors in Gold!

Gold Mirrors

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Barcelona Mirror

Antique Mirrors

From $ 648.00
Rosalia Mirror

Ornate Mirrors

From $ 584.00
Milano Gold Mirror

Gold Mirrors

From $ 629.00
Queen Ann Standing Gold Mirror

Cheval Mirrors

$ 472.50
Apollo Gold & Mirrored Wall Art

Decorative Mirrors

$ 437.80
Mackai Round Gold Mirror

Round Mirrors

$ 569.80
Janius Round Antiqued Gold Mirror

Round Mirrors

$ 547.80
Danube Gold Mirror

Traditional Mirrors

$ 635.00
Leopold Mirror

Transitional Wall Mirrors

$ 405.00
Balkan Modern Gold Wall Mirror

Metal Mirrors

$ 547.80
Spera Round Gold Mirror

Round Mirrors

$ 435.60
Cerise Gold Mirror


$ 437.80