Here at Classy Mirrors, we understand the need to add a new, eye-catching piece to a room once in a while to liven up the space. That is why we offer a variety of beautifully crafted copper mirrors to our customers. Copper was known to some of the oldest civilizations on record and still used in art, interior décor, and jewelry today. Each of these decorative copper mirrors will give your home or office the touch of color and shine it needs to be a truly inviting space. Copper is also a neutral, versatile shade, fitting for a variety of interior design themes. Whether you're redecorating an existing finished space or are redecorating an area from scratch, a copper mirror might be the perfect piece to add to your home.

From decorative pieces to add a little pizazz to an otherwise bland room to fully functional copper mirrors for a bathroom, we offer it all. Find the copper mirror meant for your space below.

Copper Mirrors

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Magnus Oversized Leaner Mirror

Large Mirrors and Leaner Mirrors

$ 1,552.50
Orbit Brushed Copper Mirror

Copper Mirrors

$ 486.00
Caprione Oxidized Dark Copper Mirror

Bronze Mirrors

$ 459.80
Johan Industrial Mirror

Metal Mirrors

$ 305.80
Alexander Mirror

$ 1,188.00
Coined Mirror

$ 702.00
Sold Out
Maya Square Frameless Mirror

Frameless Mirrors

$ 393.80
Sold Out
Sold Out
Lexington Square Mirror

Copper Mirrors

$ 108.00
Sold Out