The traditional bedroom is incomplete without a Cheval mirror – the long mirror mounted on swivel in a frame. They’re not only functional, but they remain stylistically relevant today. Our Cheval Mirror collection is both fashionable and traditionally beautiful. Yet, each finely made mirror is functional and of heirloom quality as well.

Named for a beautiful stallion, the Andalusian Standing Mirror has a lodge brown cherry finish and can either stand up or lean on your bedroom wall gracefully. A classic favorite, the 70’s inspired Vivianne Cheval Mirror was an original 40 years ago, and is still fashionable today. The Raffaello White Cheval Mirror is a reflective masterpiece with carved scallop details. You can also bring the ocean to your bedroom with the Beach White Mirror in stand-up coastal quaintness. If you are looking for something modern, don’t overlook the Neville Copper Large Standing Mirror. A customer favorite – the Mombasa Mirror – features antique black highlights around the rectangular mirror shape.

Cheval Mirrors have a timeless aesthetic that will ensure they are fashionable today and for years to come.

Cheval Mirrors

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Gavar Cheval Mirror 19"x71"x18" - Classy Mirrors
Gavar Cheval Mirror 19"x71"x18"

Cheval Mirrors

$ 415.80
Sold Out
Titus Mirror 30"x70"x20" - Classy Mirrors
Titus Mirror 30"x70"x20"

Floor Mirrors

$ 860.00
Mark Mirror 19.5"x66"x19" - Classy Mirrors
Mark Mirror 19.5"x66"x19"

Cheval Mirrors

$ 539.00
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Taylor Bright Silver Cheval Mirror 20"x60"x20" - Classy Mirrors
Sold Out
Holt Antique Mahogany Cheval Mirror 24"x72"x28" - Classy Mirrors