Bronze is an interesting color that works with many types of decor. We have over 120 bronze mirrors in plain to very ornate, decorative styles. Aside from coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, bronze is also known for its strength; it's much harder and more durable than other metals available. Large mirrors that can be mounted on the wall and mirrors that sit on the floor are available, as well as decorative mirrors with bronze outlines of unique, imaginative patterns can all be found here.

Something as simple as a large wall-mounted bronze mirror can become to focal point of a room. Whether you're looking to add to your current décor or are completely re-doing a new space, take a look at our selection of bronze wall mirrors below to find the right one to accent your home. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Bronze Mirrors

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Avidan Metal Mirror 29"x80" - Classy Mirrors
Avidan Metal Mirror 29"x80"

Metal Mirrors

$ 527.95
Antique Bronze Mirror 54"x86" - Classy Mirrors
Antique Bronze Mirror 54"x86"

Antique Mirrors

$ 1,096.00
Panacea Mirror
Panacea Mirror

Traditional Mirrors

$ 290.00
Galleria Mirror 60"x90"x2" - Classy Mirrors
Galleria Bronze Mirror

Large Mirrors and Leaner Mirrors

$ 1,260.00
Evensen Bronzed Black Mirror - Classy Mirrors
Evensen Bronzed Black Mirror

Large Mirrors and Leaner Mirrors

From $ 321.50
Mathieu Mirror 27"x37" - Classy Mirrors
Mathieu Oval Mirror

Oval Mirrors

From $ 280.00
Sold Out
Bridgewater Mirror 43"x59" - Classy Mirrors
Bridgewater Mirror 43"x59"

Antique Mirrors

$ 696.00
Stuart Rubbed Bronze Mirror 27"x37"x2" - Classy Mirrors
Stuart Rubbed Bronze Mirror 27"x37"x2"

Bronze Mirrors

$ 162.80
Madeley Antiqued Mirror 26"x36"x2" - Classy Mirrors
Madeley Antiqued Mirror 26"x36"x2"

Antique Mirrors

$ 159.80
Arched Wall Mirror 27"x68" - Classy Mirrors
Arched Wall Mirror 27"x68"

Arch Mirrors

$ 648.00