The arched mirror may be the oldest, but most revered mirror on earth. No matter which arched mirror looks best in your home, you’re sure to enjoy our arched mirror collection. Arched wall mirrors are unique in that they can be the focal point in an entry way or area with smaller space. Arch mirrors are also used to decorate bathrooms and used as vanity mirrors in dressing rooms. If you love arched mirrors, then you may like other wall mirrors styles – be sure to check out our entire collection today!

Arched Mirrors

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Amiel Arched Brown Mirror 17"x50"x1" - Classy Mirrors
Amiel Arched Brown Mirror 17"x50"x1"

Antique Mirrors

$ 277.95
Alvita Metal Mirror 29"x48"x2" - Classy Mirrors
Alvita Metal Mirror 29"x48"x2"

Metal Mirrors

$ 463.95
Regal Frameless Mirrors - Classy Mirrors
Regal Frameless Mirrors

Frameless Mirrors

From $ 174.95
Sold Out
Berry Ornate Mirror 42"x56" - Classy Mirrors
Berry Ornate Mirror 42"x56"

Ornate Mirrors

From $ 700.00
Tallon Hall Mirror 26"x35" - Classy Mirrors
Tallon Hall Mirror 26"x35"

Ornate Mirrors

$ 173.80
Bridgewater Mirror 43"x59" - Classy Mirrors
Bridgewater Mirror 43"x59"

Antique Mirrors

$ 646.95
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Westport Ornate Gold Mirror 32"x51"x3" - Classy Mirrors
Westport Ornate Gold Mirror 32"x51"x3"

Antique Mirrors

From $ 499.95
Park Lane Leaner Mirror 64"x94" - Classy Mirrors
Park Lane Leaner Mirror 64"x94"

Ornate Mirrors

$ 1,028.90
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Agoura Arched Mirror 28"x41"x1" - Classy Mirrors
Agoura Arched Mirror 28"x41"x1"

Arch Mirrors

$ 504.00
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Tudor Mirror 38"x87"x3.5" - Classy Mirrors
Tudor Silver Floor Mirror 38"x87"x3.5"

Large Mirrors and Leaner Mirrors

$ 799.00
Grantola Decorative Mirror 48"x72"x1" - Classy Mirrors
Grantola Decorative Mirror 48"x72"x1"

Decorative Mirrors

$ 918.00