At, we have a wide range of the finest high-quality antique and vintage designed mirrors for virtually any area of your home. All of our mirrors, from our decorative wall mirrors; wrought iron mirrors; full length, arched, or round mirrors; to even our bathroom wall mirrors are all exacting reproductions. Many of the vintage mirror designs come from antique mirrors located at fine home estates and museums.

We have large mirrors upwards of 7 feet long finished in antique gold leaf, as well as perfectly sized bathroom wall mirrors in every imaginable style and material, from stainless steel to antique gold finish. We even have decorative mirrors of various sizes and shapes that can be used as accents to a room. If you're looking for an antique mirror, we have the right fit for any wall size or style in your home. Browse our selection below.

Antique Mirrors

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Andretta Baroque Silver Mirror

Silver Mirrors

$ 223.01
Halima Silver Step Mirror

Silver Mirrors

$ 334.40
Rebecca Mirrored Scroll Mirror

Venetian Mirrors

$ 581.00
Zalra Antiqued Silver Shaped Mirror

Frameless Mirrors

$ 405.26
Lorelei Mirror

Antique Mirrors

$ 1,426.00
Talida Black Mirror

Traditional Mirrors

$ 344.00
Gosford Aged Wood Mirror

Oval Mirrors

$ 250.80
Trafalga Gold Leaf Mirror

Oval Mirrors

$ 150.00
Valentia Silver Mirror

Decorative Mirrors

$ 510.00