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Here at Classy Mirrors, we understand the need to add a new, eye-catching piece to a room once in a while to liven up the space. That is why we offer a variety of beautifully crafted copper mirrors to our customers. Copper was known to some of the oldest civilizations on record and still used in art, interior d├ęcor, and jewelry today. Each of these decorative copper mirrors will give your home or office the touch of color and shine it needs to be a truly inviting space. Copper is also a neutral, versatile shade, fitting for a variety of interior design themes. Whether you're redecorating an existing finished space or are redecorating an area from scratch, a copper mirror might be the perfect piece to add to your home.

From decorative pieces to add a little pizazz to an otherwise bland room to fully functional copper mirrors for a bathroom, we offer it all. Find the copper mirror meant for your space below.

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Walnut Mirror
Beveled mirror in a variety of sizes with dark walnut finish.
DeChamplain Mirror 33"
DeChamplain mirror is a round piece fashioned from resin and has a rustic, burnished copper finish giving the piece a simple, yet sophisticated look"
Angeli Oval Mirror 26"x34"
The Angeli Oval Mirror features an oval resin frame beautifully carved with an intricate floral pattern. The piece is then finished with an antique copper enhancing the mirror's timeless, Traditional style.
Lancaster Petite Distressed Copper Mirror
This beveled mirror has a distressed rustic copper finish.
Valeo Copper and Bronze Mirror 30"x30"x1"
The Valeo Mirror's square wood frame features a copper finish dramatically embellished with bronze blades of grass giving the piece a great Transitional look.
Basta Arch Mirror 26"x40"
The Basta Arch Mirror is a tall arched mirror bordered by a twisting ribbed design carved into a resin frame. The piece is then finished with an antique copper creating a striking Transitional look.
Skyler Mirror 27"x35"
This handsome oval mirror features a distressed dark chestnut finish over a genuine copper panel with a light verdigris glaze.
Rubbed Copper and Bronze Mirror
Beveled mirror with a rubbed copper and bronze finish.
Ambrosia Copper Mirror 33"x46"x2"
Frame is made from alternating, raised squares covered in oxidized copper sheeting. The oxidation on each piece will vary.
Spadola Metal Mirror 24"x30"x2"
Hammered Metal Frame Is Finished In Plated, Oxidized Copper With A Rust Gray Wash.
Grant Antique Brown and Copper Square Mirror 23"x23"x2"
Our Grant Mirror features a Antique Brown w/ Textured Copper Metal Overlay on a wood frame.
Franklin Mirror 32.75"x44.75"
Beveled mirror with dusted tarnished copper finish.
Chuck Textured Metal Copper Bronze Mirror 33"
Our Chuck mirror comes in this textured metal antique copper & bronze finish.
Scott Round Antique Copper Mirror 22" 1"
This round mirror features a scalloped flower design, embellished with a simple leaf pattern. It is finished in a Traditional antique copper accented with white wash highlights.
Grant Antique Brown and Copper Mirror 31"x39"x2"
Our Grant Mirror features a Antique Brown w/ Textured Copper Metal Overlay on a wood frame.
Wolfe Antique Copper Rust Mirror
A beveled mirror with an antique copper rust finish.
Nelson Textured Copper Mirror 54"
This round, resin mirror is painted black, then highlighted with antique copper, giving the piece textured, starburst effect.
Orbit Brushed Copper Mirror 38"
This round mirror is bordered by 2 sections of wood finished with a burnished copper, giving the mirror a great contemporary look.
Rowena Mirror 30"x42"x1"
This decorative mirror features embossed copper panels. The finish consists of heavily distressed mahogany wood tone with a light tan glaze and antique gold accents.
Mossena Textured Black and Copper Mirror
This beveled mirror features a textured black and copper finish.
Corciano Mirror 25"x41"x1"
Frame is finished in an oxidized copper finish accented with a light gray glaze. Mirror has a generous 1 1/4" bevel.
Shayna Mirror 29"x69"x2"
This mirror features a genuine, embossed copper panel finished in lightly distressed chestnut brown with a light sage glaze.
Carnivalle Mirror Metal Cooper 14"x47"x1"
This Carnivalle mirror features interlocking metal circular mirrors finished in a bright copper.
Justin Bright Copper Mirror 22"x26"x1"
This Contemporary Mirror features a rectangular frame with a looped basket weave texture. It is colored in a striking copper finish.
Ennis Antique Copper Baroque Mirror 48"x92"x2"
The Ennis Baroque mirror features an antique Copper finish with Gold & White Wash Accents.
Moore Antique Mottled Copper Mirror 29"x41"
This rectangular wooden mirror features a variegated bar pattern that is accented with an antique mottled copper finish giving the piece a Contemporary 3-D stripe effect.
Fairfield Ribbed Mirror 30"x42"x1"
Fairfield is a rectangular mirror featuring a sleek frame with a light ribbed texture. Its metallic gold and coppery finish completes its Transitional look.
Inca Hammered Copper and Bronze Mirror 46"x1"
The Inca Mirror has a Hammered Copper finish with Bronze and Black Accents.
Latvala Antique Copper Mirror 60"x85"
The LatVala mirror has a handsome ornate frame finished in antique copper.
Grayson Antique Copper Mirror  38"x48"
The Grayson mirror is beveled and has an antique copper with antique gold trim finish.
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